Statement of the Grand Ayatollah Vaezzadeh Behsoodi (LMHL) at the Ceremony of Unveiling the Educational Treatises of Commandments and Opening the Office of His Honor

الحمدلله، الصلاة و السلام علی رسول الله و علی آله و صحبه و من والاه لاسیّما بقیة الله، روحی و روح من سواه فداه و بعد: قال الله تعالی فی کتابه و قوله الحق: ﴿وَ ما اِذَا كَانَ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ لِيَنْفِرُوا كَافَّةً فَلَوْ لاَ نَفَرَ مِنْ كُلِّ فِرْقَةٍ مِنْهُمْ طَائِفَةٌ لِيَتَفَقَّهُوا فِي الدِّينِ وَ لِيُنْذِرُوا قَوْمَهُمْ إِذَا رَجَعُوا إِلَيْهِمْ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَحْذَرُونَ﴾ التوبة، الآية: 122

With the Removal of Compliments

Dear Attendees!

Religious jurisprudence and Fiqh or ijtihad and reference have so far it has covered through “Nine” different historical periods, which I will briefly mention on it;

The First Era or The Period of Interpretation and Explanation

This period continued from the death of Holy Prophet of Islam, May Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him, to the beginning and until the end of the great occultation. Ijtihad in this period consisted of acting on the “Trusted News” and those who did not have access to infallible sayings, deeds and interpretations were forced to act on the “appearances of the Qur’an”. When they encountered the absence, abbreviated or conflicting texts, they referred to “Reason” and accepted the conclusion of caution or acquittal. Ijtihad was not a difficult task in that era, but with the presence of Imams (Peace Be Upon Them), there was not much need for inference and ijtihad.

Among the characteristics of this period, it can be counted the abundance of hadiths, analogies and approval, possible differences of narrators, the issuing of therapeutic news, and the determination of ijtihad comparisons. Although the leaders of this period did not intervene in the texts, at the same time, they had a special understanding and inference of their own, which is why they were called “Jurists”. The author of the book “Establishment of Shi’ism” has included three groups of these jurists in the history:

In the first group, Ali bin Abi Rafi Mouli was one of the special companions of Amir Mu’minin (AS). In the second group: Saeed bin Musaib, Qasim bin Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr and Abu Khaled Kabuli were among the companions of the fourth Imam (a.s.) and we should make hold a festival for Abu Khaled Kabuli who is the pride of Afghanistan. In the third group: Zarara bin Ain Shibani, Maruf bin Kharbuz, Burid bin Muawiya Ajli, Abu Basir Asadi, Fazil bin Siyar Nahdi were among the Companions of the honests, Peace Be Upon Them. Jamil bin Darraj, Abdullah bin Bukir, Hammad bin Isa, Safwan bin Yahya, Abdullah bin Mughirah, Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abi Nasr Bezanti were among the companions of the sixth, seventh and eighth Imams(PBUT) and the other jurisprudents whose names cause the issue to be prolonged.

The Second Era: The Period of Creating Jurisprudential Resources

This era covers from the time of great disappearance to the first half of the 5th century. In this period, the sources of Shia jurisprudence were created, revised and refined. Seventy to eighty sources were compiled in this period, although they were arranged in a preliminary and relatively theoretical manner, and the most complete of these books is Muqana and Hedayah. However, in these sources, there were no different sayings and rational protests, it was enough for the branches that were there in the traditions and narratives.

The jurists of this period were: Ali ibn Ibrahim Qomi, Muhammad ibn Yaqub Kilini, Abul Qasim Jafar ibn Muhammad ibn Qolwieh, Ali ibn al-Hussein ibn Baboyeh and some other jurists, may God’s mercy be upon them all.

The Third Era: The Beginning Period of Ijtihad

This period started parallel to the previous period and lasted for a century and a half. Two people from each declaration: Ibn Abi Aqeel Amani and Ibn Junaid Askafi are the founders of this period. Jurisprudence, which in the previous periods was actually a collection of texts, in this period became ijtihad. Inference, extraction, research and analysis in this period formed the “Theoretical Ijtihad” absolutely, that is, ijtihad in this period from the transmission of texts in a technical and scientific form, subject to the principles of compliance were aligned with the logic. Sheikh Mofid’s Muqana and Sayed Morteza’s Intisar books are witnesses to the scientific interpretation and adaptation of this period.

The jurists of this era are declared as follows: Ibn Abi Aqeel Omani, Ibn Junaid Askafi, Ibn Qolwieh, Sheikh Mofid, Seyyed Mortaza and some other elders, may God be pleased with them all.

The Fourth Era: The Period Perfection of Ijtihad

Although this period is not different from the third period in terms of time, it is considered an independent period due to the existence of Sheikh Tosi (R.A), known as Sheikh Al-Taifah, on the one hand, gave Shia jurisprudence “Independence” and on the other hand “Moderation.” This period actually begins with the Sheikh and ends with the Sheikh, the Sheikh says in the expanded text: “Because the Imamia did not branch out in the beginning and were content only with explaining the rulings of the texts that came to them. The opponents taunt them, and this book was compiled so that they know that the Imamia Shiites can infer all the issues with the blessing of the hadiths from the Imams (a.s.) and do not need to apply analogies and the like.”

In this period, the Shias also accepted adherence to consensus, just like the Sunnis, but not because the consensus itself is a matter of authenticity, but because he was a discoverer of authenticity, and the entry of the infallible Imam is valid in it. This period was perfected with the Sheikh’s efforts and its scope was expanded, and dozens of lasting works were remembered by his, who can be considered the founder of “Absolute Ijtihad” and the school of “Moderation” and “Independence.”

The Fifth Era: The Imitation Period

This period, which was over a century, that is, from 460 to 598 A.H., begins with the appearance of Ibn Idris Hali, may God’s mercy be upon him. The late Hali called the scholars of this age as imitations. From this point of view, his era was known as the era of imitation.

Not many books were written during this period, because; The influence of Sheikh Tosi (PBUP) against it was such that authoring a book or expressing an opinion in front of the Sheikh was considered boldness and an insult to him. After him, the late scholar and Allama Hali, may God bless him and grant him peace, in view of the scholarly greatness of the sheikh, if he had any doubts or perhaps an opposing opinion on an issue, he would mention his opinion without mentioning sheikh name.

The jurists of this period were: Fazl bin Hasan Tabarsi, Abu al-Fatuh Razi, Qutb al-Din Ravandi, Ahmad bin Ali Tabarsi, Muhammad bin Ali Homsi, Ibn Hamza Makani bin Abu Jafar Sani, Mutjab al-Din Ali bin Abi al-Qasim Haskani, Qutb al-Din Abul Hasan Muhammad bin Hossein Kidari, Ibn Shahr Ashob Sarvi and some other mujtahids, may God bless them all.

The Sixth Era: The New Period of Jurisprudents (Mujtahids) Movement

This period lasted from the time of Ibn Idris Hali (PBUH) until the 11th century. It was difficult for the strong inferential forces to bear the age of imitation. Therefore, in order to revive ijtihad and to eliminate imitation, they stood against and did a good job. Ibn Idris’s book Sara’er was criticized and other scholars such as: Mohaqiq Hali, Allama Hali and Fakhr al-Mhoqqeen, may God Almighty bless them, came to the fore, and once again Shiite jurisprudence resumed its evolutionary path. The frozen body of jurisprudence and ijtihad was rewarmed in the period of imitation, a new order and arrangement emerged in Shia books, the books: Sharias’, Tahrir, Qav’aeid, Irshad, Montehi, and Lum’a were created, and the jurisprudence of the Qur’an/Islamic was also compiled. So that the amount of application and extensive scientific research activity of that period is extraordinary, admirable and praiseworthy.

The jurisprudents of this era are such as: Ibn Idris Hali, Seyyed Ibn Taos, Imad al-Din Tabarsi, Mohaqiq Hali, Allama Hali, Hasan bin Abi Talib Abi, Fakhr al-Mohaqiq and Aazam. Shahid Awal, Mohaqiq Karki, Shahid Sani, Muhammad Bin Ali Amili and Sheikh Bahai are also considered to be the men of this period.

The Seventh Era: The Akhbārī Jurists Period

The 11th century was the century of the emergence of Akhbarism in Shia history. They used to say that the use of principle rules in matters of inference will make the imams also the jurists of the time. Because; They did not use principle rules in expressing rulings, so they stubbornly resisted the principles of ijtihad, and finally the knowledge of the principles of ijtihad became weak and shaky, and on the contrary, important hadith societies such as: Vafi Faiz Kashani, Hurr Ameli, Bihar Majlisi were born, the leader of the Akhbārī community was Molly Mohammad Amin Estrabadi, followed by Molly Saleh Mazandarani, Molly Mohammad Mohsen Faiz Kashani, Tarihi, Molly Mohammad Baqer Sabzevari, Sheikh Hurr Ameli, and Molly Seyed Bagher Majlisi. If in some areas of Afghanistan there is a talk of Akhbarism, it is the result of this era.

The Eighth Era: The Period of Re-Ijtihad

After the era of Akhbarism, the period of ijtihad begins again, the founder of this period is Ostad Al-Akbar Mouli Muhammad Baqer bin Muhammad Akmal known as Vahid Behbahani. And still, Mr. Baqer Behbahani and his students broke the spell of Akhbārī, answered their doubts and accusations and proved the urgent need of mujtahids for the rules of the principles of inference and ijtihad. Behbahani’s direct students were Muhammad Mahdi Bahrul Uloom, Sheikh Jafar Kashif al-Ghita, Seyyed Muhammad Amin Aarji, Sheikh Ulama, Naraghis and Sahib Jawahar, but at the head of all of them was Sheikh Azam Ansari, who was the originator of the principles of ijtihad and took the inference to its highest level. Since the time of this precious figure of principle, “Reason” regained its position to the extent that they announced: “If a hadith is contrary to the rules of reason, it is not the basis of the ruling.” The attack of Sheikh and his students on Hadith people who mostly lived in Qom caused the rational ijtihad to regain energy. From the middle of the twelfth century onwards, the discussion of the principles gradually became popular in the fields of Hawza. From the perspective of Akhbaris, the foundations of jurisprudence (Fiqh) were only “Book” and “Sunnah”, but with the intervention of the late Sheikh Azam, (R.A) “Reason” was included in the scope of inferred from the foundations.

The Ninth Era: The Period of Dynamic Ijtihad

The ninth period is actually made up of direct and indirect students of Sheikh Azam. This period is the follower of the eighth period in terms of method, but with new initiatives and innovations that can be interpreted as a period of dynamic ijtihad in the present era. The direct and indirect students of the Sheikh are the innovators such as: Mirza Shirazi, Sheikh Jafar Shushtri, Mirza Habibullah Rashti, Mamqani, Najmabadi and such people. However, at the top of this honor of the East is Moli “Mohammad Kazem Heravi” is the author of “Kafayat al-Asul” according to Javadi Amoli: Mullah is the “Innovator” of science and the others are “Brokers” of science. It has been more than a hundred years that his book has been the center of lessons in the Hawza, and still there is no book that has replaced it.

Scholars and Professors!

Afghanistan to the credit of Abu Khaled Kabuli in the age of Imam Sajjad (a.s.) to the credit of Abu Hanifa Kabuli, (R.A) in the age of the sixth Imam (a.s.) and to the credit of Mullah Heravi, may God be pleased with him, was a pioneer in the era of dynamic ijtihad in jurisprudence and Fiqh. Even today, the majority of the circles of lessons outside the noble verses of the Shia Hawzas are made up of Afghanistani, and the pillars of the old Najaf Ashraf Hawza and also the Qom Hawza has built from Afghanistani human capital.

Elders of the Country

If you provide security, an extraordinary human capacity and extraordinary elite and noble forces will return to the homeland from Najaf and Qom, then Kabul and Afghanistan will become the helmsman ship of Islamic jurisprudence. Right now, if we remove Kafia al-Asul, lectures and Misbah al-Asul from the two Hawza of Najaf and Qom, jurists will lose important resources. Let’s make Kabul a dynamic cultural-intellectual field to the point where it will host scholars from the Islamic world and students from America, Africa, Europe and Asia will study in this country. And we will provide services such as: social health insurance, short-term and long-term loans, bonds and other means of welfare and comfort so that this document of honor called Afghanistan can be registered, which has the capacity to do so.

Brothers and Sisters!

Since 2001, I have not been a follower, and 18 years before today, I have received permission letters from jurists in the name of the Hawza, for which I thank all of them. Four years ago, I received another permission letter from Allama Fayaz, the supreme authority of the Shiite world, for which I am deeply grateful. It goes without saying that the chain of my letters of permission for the purpose of ijtihad and inference goes to Sheikh Morteza Haeri, then to Sheikh Abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi, founder of the Qom Hawza (Seminary), and after that to the professor of al-Muhaddis, Sheikh Hossein Noori Tabarsi. Until it leads to the infallible imams, peace be upon them, especially to the seventh Imam Musa bin Jafar al-Kazim (a.s.). For this reason, I set the day of announcing ijtihad and authority and unveiling my treatises on the birthday of his daughter Hazrat-e-Fatima Masoumeh (A.S) so as to show the level of respect and attachment to that imam, who is the humble Sheikh Al-Mashayikh in the matter of my servant’s permission; God’s peace be upon him and upon his pure ancestors and predecessors.

Friends and Loved Ones!

From five to six years ago, I received numerous petitions from inside and outside the country regarding the compilation of treatises and declaration of authority. However, after the death of the late authority, repeated requests and demands were communicated to me day and night, and I felt that my duty was cleared for fulfilling. I felt it necessary to fulfill my responsibility and obligation, which I consider to be a great sin to run away from it, like retreating from Jihad. Therefore, today, in your presence, according to Amir, are “Presence of the Present”, I take the heavy burden of ijtihad and authority upon myself. And I desperately ask God to help his servant’s weaknesses in this matter and provide the means to save my people. Because “People” are the subject of religions and heavenly Sharias, the Qur’an is for people, the Prophet is for people, the Kaaba is for people, mosques and schools are for people, law and government are for people, and saving people is the common goal of all religions and divine messengers. Therefore, I accept, the “Accepting Title” and accepting the serious matter of “Marjaeiat or Ijtihad/Authority” for the sake of saving my people between myself and my God, and if Marjaeiat can’t save the “People” it will not be worth a doit.

Elders and Gentlemen!

The authority (Marjaeiat) is not only talking about the issues of menstruation and childbirth to be summarized within the framework of the school wall, but also the provision of the individual and social life of the society, which requires an “Advisory Board” consisting of eighty to one hundred specialists and elites to be formed to explain the issues. And then, may God’s judgment be imposed on those matters, but not me, whoever else is not able to manage and provide for all the affairs of society. Let’s! Help me to form the “Advisory Board of Marjaeiat_Authority” so that we can save our country and people together.

Greats of Najaf and Qom!

Afghanistan has supported the Najaf ancient Hawza for a thousand years and Qom Hawza (Theological School or Religious School) for about a hundred years, and now it is time for you to rush to Kabul’s aid, as my God said: (Is the Requital of Goodness Anything, But Goodness?) And Allah also said: (When You Are Greeted with a Salute, greet with a Better One Than It, or Return it; Indeed, Allah Takes Account of All Things). While you all admit that the people of Afghanistan are the most righteous and the most deserving people due to forty years of crisis and insecurity. At the same time, they have never begged anywhere in the world and lived by the sweat of their brow.

Political Leaders of the Country!

Marjaeiat_Authority is not for opposition, but for “Advising” and “Rescuing from Crisis”. My policy is not to be a “Member” of the elected government, nor to be “Opposed” to it, but to be a wise “Consultant” and help the leaders of my country in times of crisis. And as a selfless soldier, let’s stand up to defend the honors of my homeland and put the “Stability of My Country” at the top of all affairs and try to create it, because in the shelter of stability and laws, everyone will find comfort and walk the path of progress.

Elites and People of Civility!

I am of the opinion that the rule of law, elected government, having the senate and shura (Council) transparent elections are inevitable in any traditional government and it is the rational way to save the society. Security of all kinds, creating employment and finding jobs, educational spaces, reassuring neighbors, not allowing scary under-the-radar organizations, controlling borders and media, a dynamic economy based on exports, controlling water and modernizing farms, forming strong and a tidy army. responsible police, reliable and honest intelligence, avoiding violence in behavior, respecting citizen’s rights; promoting human capacities, stable monetary policy, friendly relations with countries, not going to polar agreements, our civility is the alphabet of our stability and progress.

Friends and Companions!

I have done my duty today, but imitation is free, I will never invite to follow me. Three authorities who have published their treatises on great verses: Fayaz, Najafi, Bamyani and dozens of mujtahids are waiting in the corridor of authority of our country. I have deep respect for all of them, especially for supreme reference Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Ishaq Fayaz, May God Bless Him, and I am not satisfied that dust settle on their turban, let alone that, god forbid insult, disrespect, and even denigrate them. And I advise all my fans to avoid tension, rumor spreading, backbiting and slandering, and not pollute the clean and pure position of Marjaeiat (Authority of Religious).

Youth with Understanding and Feelings

I have not been and am not in any political party, but I have supported the “Justice Seeking Movement” and i will do it, but in the current situation of Afghanistan, I see “Social Benevolence” as more effective and efficient than “Social Justice” and God has ordered both of them: (Indeed Allah enjoins justice and kindness, and generosity towards relatives, and He forbids indecency, wrongdoing, and aggression. He advises you, so that you may take admonition). And I still consider “Syrah Hassani” (Hassani Behavior and Life) more useful than “Syrah Hosseini” (Hosseini Behavior and Life) in the current situation, while I have deep respect for “Syrah Sabt Asghar” (Imam Hossein a.s Behavior and Life) and as I was his preacher for many years. However, my social ijtihad in the current situation results in “Syrah Sabt Akbar” (Imam Mojtaba, a.s Behavior and Life) in any case, I respect families of the martyrs and try to take care of them generously and meet the needs of the needy. I consider one tasks of the authority_Marjaeiat to be the creation of a “Charity Organization” that must be activated soon, so that the country’s facilities are used for the needy and not transferred abroad. The need is not only the need for food, clothing, and housing, but personality needs, intellectual and educational enrichment, and religious needs are on top of the needs.

Dear Researchers and Scholars!

Another duty of authority_Marjaeiat is to form a “Researching Foundation” to cover the elites of the country, so that after this, we should not be ruminating consumers of imported thoughts. Let’s be “Producers” and “Creators” to renew the history of Balkh, Herat and Ghazni, to create greatness from Sharan and Shiran (Lions) Ghor and Bamyan to today’s jurists. Let’s put an end to the times of misery and poverty, create encyclopedias, large research collections and strategic studies centers and bring our ancient history to life.

Dear Audience and Demos!

Authority_Marjaeiat is not a compliment, but, it is a savior. If we study the history of nations from yesterday and today, then you will understand well that authority is a system of salvation and the unity ship of nations, and at the top of all alliances is the Shia-Sunni alliance. From this important and fateful day, I announce to all Sunni brothers that we are “Brothers” together and we make a pact of “Brotherhood” and as a witness to the truth of my words, is the commemoration of Imam Abu Hanifa Kabuli, may God’s mercy be upon him, held by this school at this sacred place in 2015. You all witnessed that this was a step forward and declaration of brotherhood so that we will no longer witness hatred and bone-breaking. I declare that insulting the Companions of the Messenger of God, (PBUH) is considered illegitimate and causes distance and hypocrisy, let alone that god forbid cursing them.

Brothers and Sisters!

The wives of the Messenger of God, (PBUH) and his family, are the mothers of the believers or (Al-Mu’minin) according to the Qur’an and are worthy of respect and honor, and I do not consider it permissible to insult any of them. Even if they have committed a political sin and this ruling can be inferred from the way of Amir Momenan or (Believers Boss) regarding honoring one of the wives of the Messenger of God (PBUH). In any case, any movement that causes Muslims to break their canes is impermissible in my opinion. I consider the Takfir (Excommunication) the people of the Qibla (People who pray towards Qibla) to be haram, the actions and thoughts of Salafism and the remains of Ibn Taymiyyah, far from the realm of the Hanaf, and those to be out of the Islam Jirga (Assembly). And still, I consider any other going to extremes to be against the spirit of Islam, I also consider exaggerations to be out of the Shia Jirga, exaggerations are Shia’s defect and Wahhabism is Sunni’s flaws.

 Experts and Intelligentsia!

One of the problems in the matter of authority_Marjaeiat is the inappropriate and unnecessary interventions of “Folksy and Shirt-Sleeve” that have challenged a number of great authorities. In the agreement of Malik al-Ashtar Nakhai, it has been clearly mentioned, I also declare clearly that my two sons did not interfere in any of my affairs during my eighteen years of stay in Kabul. My friends cannot show a case that violates my word and after this I am and will be exactly aware of this point. I assure all my people not to worry about this matter and I also know that I don’t have any financial savings (Monetary Savings) I don’t even have a bank account. I have left the house that I built from the price of my Qom house in Kampani_area, the most disadvantaged and deprived part in the west of Kabul, to my two sons. I haven’t had my own home for two years, I live in the management of school (Hawza) library, and if I would have more than this after my death, you will know that I have been a traitor. I sincerely apologize for bothering you and taking up your precious time.

Ultimately, I say congratulation the birthday anniversary daughter of Mousa bin Jafar Hazrat Fatima Masoumeh (PBUH) and we send greetings to her soul of Crimea Ahl al-Bayt (AS).

Peace Be Upon You and All the Righteous Slaves of Allah

July 4th, 2019 – Kabul, Hawza-e Mubarakah Darul Ma’arif Ahl al-Bayt (A.S) -Haji Vaezzadeh Behsoodi.